Moving Supplies

Pak N Stak: A smart alternative to cardboard boxes!

Pak N Stak is the smart Eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes.
Rent reusable plastic moving boxes that we deliver to the Acadiana Area at no charge!
Our recyclable industrial grade plastic boxes are so simple to pack, lock, carry, and stack! We deliver straight to your door and pick them up from your new location. Our Boxes are not only the easiest way to move your belongings, it’s the most budget friendly!
  • Easier: No tape or box assembly and no recycling mess.
  • Faster: Just pack, stack and go.
  • Free Delivery and Pickup in the Acadiana Area.
  • Save money and the trees!
All packages include:
Box dolly, zip ties for security, comfort grip marker, and removable labels for organizing.
Pak N Stak is located in Lafayette, LA servicing the Acadiana area, and is created and managed by Ray Leach and Vincent Lauer.
Ray and Vince were discussing about how much they hate cardboard boxes after both recently moved their offices and homes. They figured there had to be a better way; this was the moment that Pak N Stak was born. Since they were already operating two successful companies, Ray and Vince pooled together their knowledge and backgrounds to create a company that makes moving a much easier adventure for both residential and commercial clients.

One of the biggest reason people don’t want to buy a home or new office is the nightmare of moving. Pak N Stak was created to fill a need for a convenient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to using cardboard boxes for moving or storage. We realized cardboard boxes are not a good tool to move your business or families’ possessions. Cardboard boxes are expensive, not convenient to pick up or stack, break easily, creepy crawlies love them, and they fill our landfills with unnecessary trash.

We started Pak N Stak to solve all of these problems!

Our stackable eco-friendly boxes are the answer to making your moves, whether for a business or a home, an easier adventure. We have created many different packages to answer your moving needs. The boxes will be delivered to your old address. Once you finish using the boxes, we will pick them up at your new address. We also offer many accessories that will be dropped off at the same time with the boxes to try to make your move easier. Please visit our accessories tab above to see other items available. Please consider us to make your stressful move easier and to help save some trees from being turned into ugly cardboard boxes!!!!!