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Wardrobe Box
Product Description: Made of durable lightweight corrugated plastic. 24″W x 48″H x 20″D Perfect for hanging clothes!
Lifting Straps
“Forearm Forklift”
Product Description: Lift up to 700 lbs. with each strap.
Rented in pairs.
Hand Dolly
Product Description: Stand-up 2 wheel dolly. Just slide under your items and roll!
Security Lock
Product Description: Protect important information from your movers by locking it up! Comes with lock and key!
Moving Dolly
Product Description: This 4 wheel dolly perfectly fits boxes on it. Just Pak, Stak, and Roll!
Pak N Stak Box
27″L x 17″W x 12″H (2.5 Cubic Feet)
Bubble Wrap
12′ x 50′ Air Bubble Perforated every 12′ 100% Recycled
Packing Paper
24″ x 36″(80 sheets) Kraft Paper Sheets 100% Recycled 30 lb.
Zip Ties
(50 Zip Ties/bundle) Nylon Cable Ties 8″, Blue
Moving Blanket
72″ x 80″ Protective Quilted Moving Blanket Pads
Packing Tape
2″ x 800″ Scotch Heavy Duty Packing Tape
Stretch Wrap
5″ x 1000″ -Stretch Wrap Film w extended core handle